Thursday, January 15, 2009

Four Predictions for the Near Future aka Joys of Going Home

Notice to all those who have stumbled upon this site by the vagaries that govern the blogosphere of Hong Kong:

I shall be radio silent once again for the next few weeks due to a trip back to the MEI GWOK.

My time in Hong Kong to date has filled me with amazing feng shui and other uncanny supernatural powers that allow me to gaze into the near future and see what will be before they are.

Here is a Youtube video that provides a glimpse of this most unnatural of dark powers:

That said, I will now make four and only four predictions concerning momentously unmomentous events of the near future as we plod bovinely to the Year of the Ox:

1) The Eagles will win the Conference Final, and then advance to and emerge victorious in the Super Bowl, sending shockwaves of euphoria to that great city of Philadelphia, my second heimat, which ranks in my esteemed book, just below NY for hipster living.

2) There will be partying in the streets at Obama's inauguration. Strangers will hug and cry and dance and sing.

3) It will be colder in much of the U.S. during the next few weeks than it is here in Hong Kong.

4) Yours truly will return to the Big Lychee in a few weeks, having put on the now customary 10 pounds from having stuffed his face silly w/ pizza, tacos, gyros, fried chicken, and other healthy American delicacies.

Here's to going home...

Will return to posting in a few weeks, heavier and happier...

'Till then, I now take time to bestow on you a VIRTUAL LAISEE packet and bid you.....a fond.... JOY GIN!!!!

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excalipoor said...

Just read more of your blog. I wish you luck trying to making a film in HK. It is not easy to do when the HK culture is all about making money, there isn't that many people are inspired to deal with arts and films until recently. It can easy seen from the list of HK movies that are produce these days, not good at all. I think it will take at least another 5 years before there's an increase of people who are interest in the arts, film or music.

My uncle use to be a drummer for a famous band in HK, and he told me a few things about the industry where it's not easy to grow local talent in HK because of the HK culture, "you can't be rich as an artist." I think that thinking it becomes a detriment to Hong Kong as a world city. We have the financial and architecture, but that's not enough to show the culture of hong kong. This is where art, music, and films come into play to show the world of this unique environment of Hong Kong. I get tired of hearing people say that The Eye is a movie that took place in Tokyo. I still remember when the Oscars said the Infernal Affairs is a Japanese film, it is sad that Hollywood only thinks Japan is the only place to have skyscrapers in Asia.

This sounded like a rant than a comment, sorry. What kind of feature film are you trying to make in Hong Kong?