Thursday, January 29, 2009

SHAMELESS PLUG for Fellow Writer and Actor

I'm still in the old Mei Gwok. It's cold but comfortable. Biggest cliche in the world, but true. There's no place like New York...

Recently heard from an old friend, another talented writer from NYU, who is now in Ventura, CA. Her name is Tania Weissberg and she wrote this episode of SUSHI PACK, a cartoon on cable TV.

I also found out that NELSAN ELLIS, an amazing actor who was in my experimental short film ANTIGONE 5000, is not only a regular on Cable TV's TRUE BLOOD but will appear in a major supporting role in THE SOLOIST, a feature film starring JAMIE FOXX and ROBERT DOWNEY Jr.

I thank him for his amazing gung-ho attitude doing ANTIGONE 5000 with me back in the day. We ran the production out of my living room and shot it in the woods out in Jersey over the GW Bridge. He never once complained even when we were shooting in the freezing cold. Out of all the actors I've worked with, he's the one whom So Jene, my wife, pegged to be a star. And he's clearly on his way. The guy is amazing.

Anyway, here's to those of us who keep plugging away at writing and acting and making personal movies despite and against all the odds.

I've also finished up a screenplay to shoot as soon as I'm back in the U.S. It's a script I wrote about five years ago and just sat on looking for perfect conditions and waiting for money to materialize. What a stupid of waste of time that was. The material is good. I just reread and polished it up today. It reads well, which makes me wonder what the hell I was doing just sitting on it all this time.

My hiatus in Hong Kong has given me renewed perspective. This time around, I'll shoot with a goddamn camcorder if I have to.

Anyway, kudos to you, Tania and Nelsan. You guys rock!!!!

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