Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Beach in Hong Kong

Day 14, Film 14

This was shot at the park at the foot of Wah Fu Estate, where I often find myself without even realizing it. So far, to my utter delight, I've made more than a half dozen short films about this place.

It's where I play ball, buy a lot of my groceries, go to the library, sometimes swim, and shoot films.

So, even though I live in Bel Air, which costs way too much and has a huge indoor pool that goes nearly always underused, when we eventually leave Hong Kong, what I'll miss will be Wah Fu Estate, the folks I play b-ball with there, Waterfall Bay, and learning and speaking my broken Cantonese.

That said, I present this film and give respect to Wah Fu Estate and Tsingtao, which I'd rather drink out of a can straight from the Circle-K any day over some fine wine that costs something obscene... You both rock!!!

P.S. I'm no Michael Phelps, but if anyone over at Tsingtao is mesmerized by this film and wants to sign me up as a spokesperson, please know that I work cheap...very cheap... dirt cheap.



gweipo said...

Ok, it's not bad, but you've got one important thing wrong. Your text should read:
* Always doing warming up before swim la,
* wearing pink color cap so can be seeing la
* prohibited swimming and drinking la

without the ubiquitous "" and atleast one "prohibited" a warning is just not a warning.

hkorbust said...

This is probably the Tsingtao PR guy's worst nightmare!

Drinking and swimming... like it...

mao365 said...

PR guy's worst nightmare!!!

I like that. A lot.

As for drinking and swimming... I should have had the text read: "Never finish swim with drink la."

That way, there's no confusion.

Anyway, thanks for your comments.