Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oldest Movie Theater in Hong Kong

The Oscars this year was very heavy on nostalgia, trying desperately to connect contemporary movies with classics of yesteryear.

What better way to continue in that spirit than to pay a visit to the oldest movie theater that's still showing movies here in Hong Kong, a place that seems at times to be the antithesis of anything old?

Hence, this short film about a theater that opened back in the 1950s. I made a mistake in my narration. This theater opened in 1959, not 1958. The theater was showing VALKYRIE and LOVE CONNECTED in its two screens when I went.

Day 22, Film 22.

Sorry about the hard-to-read subtitles. I can't make clearer subtitles on Windows Moviemaker. And sorry about my bad tones and poor Cantonese. Still, I love the Wah, and will plow on, knowing full well that I'm saying things wrong.


A longer film that shows the inside of the theater will follow. This is just an introduction posted to keep the streak alive before the clock strikes 12.

I want to thank Mr. Ming Wan, the manager of this movie theater, who was so extremely helpful and gave me a special tour of the place.

Thank you, Mr. Wan. You and your movie theater rock!!!

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