Friday, February 27, 2009

One Two Three Cantonese (one film, two versions)

Day 25, Film 25.5.

To commemorate 25 days, here's something different. Two versions of the same film. Both start the same way, but end in two completely different places.

Both were shot at the Ferry Pier in Central. No English subtitles needed for the intro. I'm only saying very basic things. I'm sure anyone can follow it.

I've posted Chinese subtitles, though I have no idea whether they are correct. I just like the idea that one can write in a language that one doesn't know thanks to the Web. Very cool.

The first one is the G version. The second is the PG-13 version. Or in HK terms, the first is I and the second is II. I started shooting w/ the G version in mind, but the shots and reality led me to the PG-13 version.


G Version

PG-13 Version

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