Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ANTIGONE 5000 Clip

I'm not trying to flood this blog with short movies, but since I have been motivated lately to go through my old films, I used a 2-minute clip from ANTIGONE 5000 to make this short film.

I still can't quite get over just how terrific an actor Nelsan Ellis is. I so wish I'd written something for him back then.

Anyway, he's now in L.A. getting regular work on TV. He also did a movie called WARM SPRINGS about FDR's futile attempt to try to cure his polio.

Nelsan was amazing. I really should have done a better job with this film, but what's the use of Monday morning quarterbacking, right?

Anyway, here it is:

The film was shot in the woods in New Jersey. So Jene was so supportive of me. But, ultimately, I let her and everyone on the cast down by not being more thorough with the production. Still, it was a return to filmmaking after about 6 years of not touching a camera.

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