Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Excellent Cantonese Learning Videos

I've been studying Cantonese for about ten months now. One of the best and definitely the most fun way seems to be to learn from Ceclie Gamst Berg, who teaches Cantonese and is a Hong Kong fixture.

She has recently started making video lessons on yout tube.

Please check out her web site, which is on my list of favorite sites.

Here is a sample of one of her videos.

I can listen to her and understand pretty much 90% of what she says now. She speaks street Cantonese, which is more fun and and more useful.

In other words, like they say back in the U.S., she keeps it real.

She also has a radio program called RTHK NAKED CANTONESE. That's also entertaining, but the material is more basic than these videos.

Please check out her videos.

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