Monday, October 20, 2008

Death of a Luddite

Thanks to repeated urging from my friend Jonny Stranger, a prolific indie filmmaker based in Austin, TX, with whom I had the good fortune of attending a MFA program at NYU way back, I've finally gotten my act together, joined the 21st century and uploaded my first videos to youtube.

Here is a link to Jonny's youtube channel that contains a ton of cool short films he's made over the years, including some very fascinating animation pieces.

It was much more easy than I'd thought it'd be. The tough part was exporting from the Adobe Premiere that I used to edit the short film. It's amazing what these relatively cheap video editing programs on computers can do, considering that I actually learned how to edit by working a Steenbeck.

Before my wife and I moved to HK, several old film archive companies in NYC were paying people $50 to take these old Steenbeck dinosaurs away. Of course, back when I was at NYU, you had to pay about $600 to rent them per month so that you could edit a 16mm workprint.

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling about how we did things back in the day. The bottom line is I have posted two short films on youtube.

Here are the links:

Innocence of Youth (1 minute+)

Somebody's Old Cheese (8 min+) (this film features Jonny Stranger, who by the way is the writer/director of YORICK, an indie feature film that is a prequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet and the upcoming indie feature film MOJO TANGO.

Anyway, I don't know who will ever get to read these entries, but I hope whoever you are will enjoy these.

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