Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fired up by Youtube aka Zeal of a Convert

Since posting my first Youtube video two days ago, I've been thrilled by the whole thing and posted two more short videos.

They are both short films I made in the past, re-edited on Adobe Premiere so that they're shorter and play better.

Whatever the case, what's important is that Youtube has a viewer counter which allows you to see how many times the video has been seen.

In two days, SOMEBODY'S OLD CHEESE has had 71 views, and INNOCENCE OF YOUTH has had 49 views in one day.

Now, I know that there are tons of youtube videos that get hundreds of thousands of views, but I find these modest numbers still absolutely thrilling.

Shoot, I've had screenings of my films at poorly-run festivals that had 5 people in the audience. I've even done book readings sometimes at places that had 4 people show up, if that many.

Here is Le Sang d'Un Politicien

Here is a link to INNOCENCE OF YOUTH (w/ surprise ending)


The 49 people who saw INNOCENCE OF YOUTH yesterday is probably more people than who saw it at the two or three screenings where that short played at.

Basically, what I'm trying to express is my enthusiasm for Youtube.

And since, I've turned down a large translation job, which I felt just didn't pay enough and was too complicated since it was a corporate technical manual in PDF with annoying diagrams and charts, and compounded by the fact that I'd be paid in the weak Korean won, I now find myself with the afternoon free. So, I will venture out into Hong Kong with my mini-DV camera and shoot some footage of my neighborhood.

"Go make a movie about where you live!"

I always thought that was great advice to filmmakers.

Now, I will humbly obey.

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