Thursday, October 30, 2008

Newspapers and Your Sense of Self

Last night, we went out to dinner with Philippe, his wife, and another couple from NY.

A great dinner and a great night.

At some point, we got to talking about the LIRR and how the workers there abused the system to win disability pensions. It had been written up in a big spread in the NY TIMES a few weeks ago.

That got me thinking about newspapers.

In the almost one year we've been here, I've continued to read the TIMES as my primary newspaper. There are many reasons for this.

It's a good paper. It's easy to read on-line (no fee), and it makes me feel tethered to what's happening in NY.

I usually read the TIMES in this order: NY LOCAL News, National News, International Asia News, Opinions, Business, Sports, and Real Estate. I am most interested in NY news.

I haven't yet found myself regularly reading a HK newspaper. I've found them to be less informative and less interesting. This is especially true of the free papers they hand out on the street.

But, I'm sure this may change in the future.

I wonder what the experiences of other expats are like in regards to newspaper reading.

Do you still continue to read the paper from the U.S., Australia, England...?

Or have you switched your primary newspaper to a HK one? If so, when did this happen for you?

Anyway, this is my random musing for the day.

By the way, the most important item in today's NYTIMES is that the Phillies have won the World Series!!!!

My first allegiance is to the Mets, having grown up near that stadium, but So Jene is a life-long Phillies fan. On top of that, we both went to school just outside Philadelphia.

I am so happy for the Phillies and the great city of Philadelphia!!! What great news in this time of gloom and doom!!!

Go Phillies!!!!


gweipo said...

I only read the scmp because of the soduko puzzle. But most of their articles are syndicated from the Guardian (UK) anyway, so if you read the NYT and the Guardian you'd have it covered I suppose.

Time out is one of the few good HK publications in my view.

mao365 said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll check out TIMEOUT again.